again (2016)

Can a gesture ever be performed the same way twice? Does a memory change every time you recount it? Again considers our relationship to time – how choreography might be a series of ‘loops’ remembering what happened before and yet, done new every time. As a piece, it takes its starting point with the relationship between documentation and improvisation and the interplay between the two -- how documents become stand-ins for memory and how memory might live through the body and change each moment as we improvise through day-to-day life.

It exists in two forms: as a quartet and as a solo.

Again (quartet)
created in collaboration with fellow performers Elise Cowin and Nora Sharp
and with a score by Mitsu Salmon
directed by Jane Jerardi
Again was initially developed at Links Hall through its LinkUp Artist Residency program.

Again (solo)
created and performed by Jane Jerardi
developed through the SummerSpace residency with Art Intercepts at the Menomonee Club for Boys & Girls