Tenuous (in-progress, 2014-15)

Currently in progress, Tenuous is a solo-performance work investigating certainty and uncertainty in everyday life.  Seconds slipping away, a brief lecture on an 'immortal' jellyfish, and a conversation with a security guard are the starting points for a piece that relies on the improvisational to think about control and lack-of-control, both onstage and on the street. Time becomes a metaphor for immortality and the piece becomes a document of a summer traversing the city.

“I don’t own a watch or clock. I think of time in other totalities now. I think of my personal time-span set against the vast numerations, the time of the earth, the stars, the incoherent light-years, the age of the universe, etc. World is supposed to mean something that’s self-contained. But nothing is self-contained. Everything enters something else. My small days spill into light-years.”                                   - Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis

developed through a residency at Sector 2337 in November-December 2014 and Earthdance August 2014
special thanks to Lindsey Barlag Thornton, Caroline Picard, and Devin King.