artist statement

To me, performance lies at the intersection of the public and the personal. Through human action and the body, intimate interactions are exposed in a meeting between artist and audience, revealing some element of who we really are – in both our sensuality and our ordinariness. I make performances and installations out of an effort to understand the complexities and paradoxes of day-to-day life and the world we live in. In observing the ordinary and even awkward, I sort out and enunciate the unexpectedly beautiful.

Through a process of working with familiar images and sources – whether a particular gesture, bits of conversations, phrases of text, or everyday artifacts – I slowly massage improvisations into abstract narratives. These might appear as durational gestures, experimental performances for the stage; invitations for audience action or experience; or, as documents; as single or multi-channel video installations; or sculptural remnants.  All become their own kind of choreography.

I find that meaning comes from the spaces in between.  It’s between gestures, between words, between edits, between performers, between the audience and the artist.  It’s in the idiosyncrasies and subtleties – an almost energetic quality – of an encounter.  I am interested in the odd theatricality of ordinary life;  the exquisiteness of unplanned, unscripted actions; and the unwavering intelligence of our moving bodies.

By inviting my audience into my process in as open and genuine way I can, I hope to spark viewers’ imagination, conversation, dialogue, and generate further artistic production and discovery.