Efficiency (2005)

Featuring an original score by UK experimenter Scanner, Efficiency used video of fast-paced DC life as a backdrop for an exploration of the tension associated with our culture's ongoing quest for “free time." The dance trio for the stage was one of four dance projects commissioned by Washington Performing Arts Society during its 2005/2006 season.

Efficiency was inspired by a Washington Post article that inspected the concept of efficiency from its roots in the industrial revolution to its larger impact on modernism. In contrast to the hyper-efficiency that has permeated today’s society, the piece acknowledges what happens to human relationships along the way, tapping into an all too common desire for inefficiency. The new work features an original music score by multi-media composer Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud) and video visuals created in collaboration with DC-based photographer Michael Wichita. It is performed by dancers Brian Buck and Nicholette Routhier, along with Jerardi.


choreography/direction: Jane Jerardi
original score: Scanner
video visuals in collaboration with: Michael Wichita
lighting design: Catherine Elliot
costume design: Beth Burkhardt
costume construction: Jean Jerardi
performers: Brian Buck, Jane Jerardi, Nicholette Routhier
production support/coordinator: CJ Holm

Efficiency was commissioned by Washington Performing Arts Society on the occasion of its 40th anniversary season, with support from the Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation. The creation of Efficiency was also funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, an agency supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

The project is also made possible through the significant support of individuals: Suzanne Callahan, Leigh Bailey, Kristen Brogdon and David Ulaszek, Jean and Tom Jerardi, Rob Anderson, Cristin Tighe, Julia Ward, Noel Petrie, Katie McKaye, The Evens, Joanne Schmidt, Laura Lopez, Steven Cook, Maura Droettboom, Christine Alexander, Karla Yoder, Mike and Eileen Tennor, Sharon Mansur, Noel Petrie, Chrisopher Williams, Joe and Nancy Jerardi, Hart and Melissa Rossman, Tom Rielly, Patrick Nonte, Karen and Dick Jerardi, Lucas Zarwell and Lindsay Harris, Jonathan Matis, Rebecca Nordstrom, Maida Withers, Naoko Maeshiba, and Dianne Connelly.

Special thanks also goes to: Rose Ann Cleveland, Kathy Freshley and Donna Ortega for their vision and support; the staff of WPAS and GALA Hispanic Theatre; Jose Dominguez; Brian Buck, Nicholette Routhier, Robin Rimbaud, Michael Wichita, Beth Burkhardt, Ginger Wagg, Jonathan Matis, Rob Blum, Agata Olek, Stephen Vitiello, Patrick Power, CJ Holm, and Cathy Eliot; Angela; the American Composers Forum; Merideth Forster; Brian Taylor Goldstein; Jayme McLellan and Victoria Reis/Transformer; Casa del Pueblo United Methodist Church; the Josephine Butler Parks Center and Washington Parks and People; The Field/DC; The Field’s Artward Bound program, Earthdance, and Alethea Adsitt, Karen Bernard, Valerie Green, Janusz Jaworski; Laura Lopez, Ryan Migge; Laura Schandelmeier and Christopher Williams; Sarah Kemp and Gay Hanna; Ed Tyler; Matt Henry; Lani Iacovelli; Lindsay Harris and Lucas Zarwell; Sharon Mansur; Judy Alexander; Willie Hoffman; Meredith Begin, Jay Gregory, Derek Beauvais and Jocelyn Frank; and the Jerardi family.