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My training in Kripalu yoga and a focus on students' inner experience orients my approach to yoga. An emphasis on the somatic experience of postures, breathing and meditation leads students to become their own best teachers. Often an 'undoing' of our patterns of tension allows not only for relaxation, but an understanding of the energetic qualities of the body-mind.

Discovering Idiosyncrasy

This class approaches the body in a manner open to all levels. Instead of 'training' for some external ideal, we focus on discovering the idiosynchracies of our bodies -- attuning ourselves to move with more ease and support, discovering our patterns and inclinations, uncovering new ideas and present-ness along the way. Exercises in a laboratory setting mesh improvisation, movement, and the somatic, mixing in some yoga sometimes for good measure.

teaching philosophy

For more of my approach to teaching and facilitation, look to my teaching philosophy.