My projects have come out of collaborations with many artists.  Some who I've been lucky enough to work with include:

Long-time collaborator, Ginger Wagg, is a dance artist using improvisation, collaboration, visual installations and real time action to explore the concepts of public and private. She is based in Carboro, NC.

Elise Cowin is a Chicago-based performance and movement artist. She explores choreography as a visualization of tacit directives and the ways that personal history, site, socioeconomic pressures, and tradition might inscribe bodies to perform.

Nora Sharp is a dance-artist based in Chicago, IL and Oakland, CA. An avid cyclist, she also curates 'Research Project,' an works-in-progress series at OuterSpace and has created work as part of Vaudeo Motion.

Mitsu Salmon creates original performance, audio, and visual works, which fuse multiple disciplines.

Heeran Lee is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY.  She creates performative sculpture, solo body-based installations, time-based durational performances, and sculptural endurance events.

Brian Buck is a dance artist and video designer based in Houston, TX.

Michael Wichita is a photographer and photo editor based in Washington, DC.

Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud), based in the UK, traverses the experimental terrain between sound, space, image and form, creating absorbing, multi-layered sound pieces that twist technology in unconventional ways.

Olek (Agata Oleksiak) collaborated with Ginger Wagg and Jane Jerardi on Spill, a project at Transformer in 2005.

Amy Farina is based in Washington, DC and a member of the band The Evens.