Façade (2006)

A work created in collaboration with Ginger Wagg, Façade took audiences on an ‘alternate tour’ through the Warehouse's upper-floors in the downtown DC during the last weekend of September and early October 2006. Recreating the site through live and mediated experiences, it incorporated dance, projected video images, and sound. This multimedia dance-theater work redirected perspective, scale, and proximity to frame and draw attention to our increasingly mediated experience of a constantly evolving urban environment. To create the performed event, we collaborated with Michael Wichita (video images and stills) and Tristana Fiscella and Rebecca Mills of The Caution Curves (original sound).

Taking as its impulse the recent redevelopment of the area, the interactive work inquired about our contemporary experience of urban renewal with the uneven building, rebuilding and recreation that typifies redevelopment. With the slow shifts of sites, lots and neighborhoods, over time, we are often unable to remember or identify what stood in these places before. The work imagined the 'secret histories' of the buildings in the neighborhood where the event took place. The project was featured in The Washington Post.

Façade was made possible through the support of the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.


In 2008, we released a DVD-R version of Façade.  The seven tracks of the disc offer a second installment to the performance event presented in fall of 2006. It features a score by Rebecca Mills using material from her original performance with Tristana Fiscella. The DVD was made possible through support from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. Order a copy by contacting me.

collaborators / credits

co-directors: Jane Jerardi, Ginger Wagg
director of photography: Michael Wichita
additional still images: Ginger Wagg
editing: Jane Jerardi
original score: Rebecca Mills
costumes: Roxann Morgan, Jane Jerardi, Ginger Wagg
performers: Jane Jerardi, Ginger Wagg
dvd-r authoring: Fernando Ortega
additional editing: Fernando Ortega
lighting design for live performance/installation: Nicholette Routhier
production support (live performance): Selena Anguiano

created through the support of the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities.